Welcome to Bimini Medical

Bimini Medical is more than just a distributor. We are your Advanced Aesthetics Solutions partner.

We’re often asked: “What does Bimini Medical do?”
The short answer: we inspire, mentor, guide and develop all aspects of the aesthetic industry in South Africa, and gear your businesses towards regenerative success.
We get to the core of your challenges and work towards creating solutions that are relevant for you.
How do we do it? Our team works closely with the best in the business and around the world, bringing global expertise to your doorstep.
More than just a distributor, a training company, or a consultancy,  we embrace all of these disciplines because like you, we’re not willing to be pigeonholed.

Why do we do it? To be part of making your business thrive – that’s what success means to us.

Our Brands

MATRISKIN, the cult skincare brand created by Dr.Huet of France, is famed for its cutting edge patented formulations and biotechnologically extracted ingredients, offering its fans the fast acting long lasting results they’re after.

OMNILUX MEDICAL is the internationally renowned ‘gold standard’ in non-invasive LED technology used to stimulate cellular regeneration and the activation of certain skin processes to reverse photo-damage and improve healing.

BM PEN is an automated micro needling device, which creates controlled micro-injuries to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, while treating a wide range of skin concerns. BM PEN has several cartridge sizes and offers a lifelong warranty.

Recent studies reveal that daily sunlight is more harmful to the skin than the summer sun. It is the first cause of skin-ageing and appearance of brown spots. 80% OF PREMATURE SKIN AGEING IS DUE TO DAILY LIGHT AND UV RAYS PASSIVE EXPOSURE.

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